With large and comprehensive programs, Info9 can save children’s lives and create a better future.


Help and support us to help poor families.


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Here are several projects that can help you with your donation.

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    Save the Children in Syrien
    Donated: €2,130.00
    For more than six years, children and their families have been suffering civil war in Syria. Violence and bloodshed have led to one of the biggest humanitarian crises of our time. More than 13.5 million people are in urgent need of help - half of them are children. But we still have to expand our work because the future of a whole generation is at stake. Please support us with a donation and help Syria's children!
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    Kabul project (Help project)
    Donated: €1,848.00
    The aid organization Info-9 will help families and children in Kabul. There are currently thousands of homeless children in Afghanistan who do not have a warm home in winter. There are also many cancer and disabled children who need our help. There are also many families affected who also have no hot food. That's why we will support this project with your support.
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    Afrika School Classroom Construction
    Donated: €4,050.00
    In the slums of Nakuru, Afrika, we are building a high standard primary school to break the vicious cycle of extreme poverty through free, high quality education for very needy children. We've built 3 classrooms on our own property and need to build 5 more classrooms - each costing $ 25,000.
Save Children From Hunger

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With your donation or sponsorship you help a child or a whole family sustainably. You decide where your donation should be used in a country of your choice.

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Help and support us to help poor families.

Our Mission

We have built good volunteering structures. There are many opportunities to get involved in and with us for children and young people.

Charity for Education

Info9 is dedicated to improving the educational opportunities for the world’s poor and marginalised children.

Bringing Clean Water

Water is a non-profit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing countries.

Feed for Hungry Child

Feed the Children exists to end childhood hunger. It’s the cause upon which we were founded and the one we continue to fight each and every day.

Help Little Hands

Little hands can do a lot, but we need some big hands to help too. We are always in need of volunteers.

Home for Homeless

Help us create a better future for worlds homeless people. With your donation families get a warm home.

Donate for Children

Donate to Children International and funds go where needed most to change the life of a child.

We are served since 10 years to helpless people with trust and we are happy

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